Christine M. Dalton

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HTML Code Updating Service

Was your website coded to 1999 standards? IF so you may be losing customers and visitors every day and not even realize it! Many sites that were coded to outdated standards will not work on some modern browsers and will fail to render on almost all of the modern appliances now being used to surf the web. Recent statistics show that 40% of web surfers now use devices such as cell phones, PDAs and other hand held devices. Can you afford to tell these potential customers you don't want their business?

My service updates your code to today's standards, whether it be HTML 4.0 or an XHTML tableless layout you can be assured your website is being used by everyone that visits it. Along with updating your code to modern standards I always use each and every SEO friendly tag available to help your sites ranking in the search engines. All recoded sites are tested in all major versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Prices for this service are based on your site, the current code structure and the amount of pages that need to be recoded. Please use my contact form for a personalized quote.