Christine M. Dalton

Web Site Updates, Site Maintenance, Coding and Website Repair

Website Updating Service

Keeping fresh, new content on your website is the #1 way to make sure the search engines visit often and rank you higher than your competitors. Whether you provide your own content for updating or have me search out new and pertinent articles that enhance you site you will always have the security in knowing your site isn't becoming dated and stagnant.

If you don't have content updates or articles to 'freshen up' your site I have a long list of news sites, article sites and RSS feeds to help you find content in your specific niche. Just detail the topics and how much new content you want added to your site each month and I will search out, format and update your site with this new content. Updates will be scattered through the month so the search engines see ongoing updates (this is proven to cause them to come back and index your site more often). All articles and news I provide is guaranteed to be open source or copyright free so you never have to worry about complaints from authors.