Christine M. Dalton

Web Site Updates, Site Maintenance, Coding and Website Repair

Testimonials From Existing Clients

After I caused a problem in my site's html coding, I contacted Christine who responded very promptly and managed to pinpoint the problem and correct it with no fuss. I was very impressed with the advice she gave me, particularly because it will help reduce the risk of me making further mistakes. I would certainly recommend her service to anyone and I will not hesitate to contact her again if I have further issues.

Steve -

I would like to recommend Christine for anyone who needs coding help. She did a wonderful job cleaning up the html code on my home page , and even reduced the code, so my page loads faster now. She obviously knows what she is doing! Great service, fast, at a fair price. Who could ask for more?

Jim the Friendly Resume Writer -

We are extremely happy with the expert website services provided by Christine Dalton! Having made countless revisions to our website, it was badly fragmented and full of invalid code. This led to all sorts of browser incompatibility issues with many of the top browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer.

We contacted Christine Dalton and explained the problems with our site. She made an accurate diagnosis, gave recommendations for repair, and had the site fully functional quicker than expected and at a very affordable rate as well!

It is very hard to find someone with the skill and breadth of knowledge in her field as Christine Dalton. I highly recommend her website services to all!

Kevin Olsen - Record and Tape Exchange

Thank you Christine!!! The work you have done on my website exceeded all my expectations! When I first heard about the importance of having an error free website, I immediately started working with another company that didn't know what they were doing and actually cost me more money to fix what they had done. I entered this new relationship with your company hesitantly because of my prior experience. You have won me over and I am planning a few other projects that I will gladly send your way. You were fast, professional and offered a very reasonable price. Thank you for your help!

Warm regards,

Michael MacDonald - CEO -

Christine Dalton is an amazing webmaster!!! As a touring and recording artist my time is extremely limited and I need someone who is reliable, insightful and trust-worthy to run my website. It is essential to my career that my site is constantly being up-dated so my friends and fans can keep up with current projects, cd releases and promotional news. Christine has never missed a beat! I am always assured that my site has the latest and greatest look and feel as well as downloads, tour dates, pictures, press releases and vital information that is necessary for success. Christine Dalton is a great asset to my team, and I know she will be to yours.

Joe Lynn Turner

Selecting someone to maintain your website is a decision no business owner takes lightly. That is why I recommend Christine Dalton. I have used her services for many years, and am thrilled with her efficiency, dedication, and attention to detail. As a business owner, I don't have time to chase after or monitor my maintenance service to make sure what I ask to be done is, and that it is correct. I pay Christine for peace of mind and reliability...and that is precisely what I get.

Theresa Judd, Owner/Artist - A Permanent Solution: Permanent Cosmetics by Theresa

We have been utilizing Chris and her website services for years and can't say enough about how great she is to work with. Not only is she prompt with all of the updates, she also takes particular care to make sure whatever is posted is accurate and looks rights. When you are assembling a team of people to help make your message get out their properly, Chris is right at the top of the list.

Mark Wexler - Jolt Productions

Christine Dalton is a total professional. She will not only maintain your website properly but will advise you on important things that you might need to do to make your site more effective. She truly cares about the businesses and clients she works for.

She develops an understanding of the client/business's 'mission' and goals so that when she updates and/or maintains your site she is conscious of what she is doing. Many webmasters are more like web-savvy, technical 'hired help.' They may be excellent technicians but are poor writers or have limited people skills. Not Christine!

As for timely updates, she will work with you to make sure your site is updated on a reasonable schedule. If something is urgent she is very accommodating. I highly recommend her services.

Lisa Walker - Media Relations Joe Lynn Turner